Corrective Jaw Surgery Before and After Photos

Corrective jaw surgery before and after photos can show you how the surgery can balance out your facial structure. To learn more, read’s short profile on the surgical procedure. 

Corrective jaw surgery is an orthognathic surgery that alters and manipulates the shape of the jawbone. By adding prosthetics or realigning the upper and lower jawbone, a surgeon can correct problems such as asymmetry and malocclusion, which is the misalignment of teeth or the upper and lower jaws. It is also common for people who have sustained severe facial injuries to work with a maxillofacial surgeon to correct issues. 

There are risks to consider before moving forward with this surgery. Depending on how extensive the surgical plan is, the patient will be under general or local anesthesia. Common risks include bleeding, post-surgical infection, and scarring. 

How should I prepare for corrective jaw surgery?

  • If this is a cosmetic procedure, talk to your GP about your candidacy for elective surgery
  • If you need to correct a medical issue, talk to your insurance company about coverage
  • Set aside ample recovery time to minimize post-surgical risk

Now that you know a little more about corrective jaw surgery, before and after photos can help you decide whether to move forward. Once you feel confident and want to contact a doctor, find a local office here on

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