Composite Resin Bonding Before and After Pictures by Kevin Michael Landers, DDS

Additional procedures:   

Dental Veneers, Gum Recontouring / Shaping, Smile Makeover

DIRECT CHAIR SIDE COMPOSITE RESIN VENEERS (NOT PORCELAIN!) This is the ultimate training exercise for the passionate cosmetic dentist. The treatment you are looking at is unique to AACD Accredited Cosmetic Dentist. The gum lift, orthodontics, and Resin Veneers were completed by Dr Landers. Usually Veneers made of porcelain and are shaped by a dental lab technician not the dentist. These veneers you are looking at are made of layers of tooth like material called Resin Composite Bonding. Having a cosmetic dentist mold and shape a patient?s teeth directly in their mouth, is a technique which refines the skills of a cosmetic dentist. The skills more specifically refined are treatment like tooth bonding, reshaping, and/or porcelain veneers. This is true because the dentist must shape and create the veneers directly in the patient?s mouth. What you are looking at was layered, shaped (micro & macro anatomy + surface texture), and polish by Dr Landers. The advantage for a viewing patient is to see the personal creativity of the cosmetic dentist they are considering for treatment. TREATMENT LIST ? Zoom Teeth Whitening ? Gum Lift & Leveling ? Direct (chair side) Resin Veneers 5-13