Collagen Injection Treatments Before and After Photos

With the collagen injection before and after pictures featured in this gallery, you can get an idea of what real results look like. To help prospective patients learn more about this injectable, we have put together a brief profile to explain how this filler works and what it can achieve.

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance and the primary support structure in your skin. As a dermal treatment, it effectively smoothes out facial wrinkles and reduces the signs of aging. These fillers are made from naturally derived sources and can also be harvested from areas of your own body.

This is a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery. It is important to review your risk factors before moving forward. Most common side effects include localized pain at the site of injection. In more rare cases, patients experienced an allergic reaction. You can talk to your cosmetic surgery doctor about your potential risks.

What should I expect regarding collagen injection?

  • Discuss your general health and wellness with your general practitioner
  • You must not touch your face or apply makeup immediately after treatment
  • Smokers must quit prior to surgery to avoid complications

Collagen injection before and after pictures hosted on our site are examples of what this treatment can achieve. When you discover a photo or photos that match your personal goals, you can browse profiles to find a plastic surgeon to speak with.

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