Cheek Augmentation (Implants) Before and After Photos

Review the cheek implant before and after pictures below to see what kind of results patients just like you have enjoyed with the surgeons listed on A cheek implant is generally used in concert with injectable treatments for best results. Generally, the implant is specially designed to fit the patient’s desired aesthetic result, and installed over the cheekbone. Recovery time varies greatly depending on the extent of the surgery, but in general, takes around two weeks.

As with all surgeries, you should explore your options to find a skilled surgeon. Next to each before and after picture, we list the name of the surgeon who performed the procedure. Check out the physician’s profile page, where you can view their accreditations, certifications, and read patients’ reviews.

With’s cheek implant before and after pictures, we’re confident you’ll find a doctor who fits your aesthetic needs best. If you’re looking to reverse the signs of aging, add a ‘lift’ to the face, or regain facial symmetry lost due to accident or injury, this procedure may be right for you. Read one of our in-depth articles for more information on the specifics of the procedure.

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