Calf Augmentation (Implants) Before and After Photos invites you to review our calf  implants before  and  after  pictures to be fully acquainted with the cosmetic benefits this surgery can provide. With a myriad of photos at your disposal, it's easy to see the dramatic aesthetic improvement our qualified doctors can deliver. Moreover, with the following synopsis of this surgery, you can be better informed about your decision to pursue this procedure.

Calf implants are designed to create cosmetic fullness in the lower leg that can't be achieved through exercise alone. Best suited for lower leg sculpting, both men and women enjoy the procedure's benefits. The surgery starts with administering a numbing agent, making small incisions and then inserting the implant into the desired areas.

Calf implant surgery is a relatively safe procedure when performed with an experienced and qualified surgeon. But like any surgery, there are risks involved which include bleeding, infection, scarring, swelling, and skin discoloration among others. Also, if a patient undergoes physical activity before the properly healing, seroma, or unhealthy buildup, may occur.

What should I expect from calf implant surgery?

  • Avoid any major physical activity for at least four to six weeks following surgery.
  • Expect to keep your legs elevated for days, possibly a week, after surgery to avoid swelling.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

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