Buttocks Augmentation (Fat Injections) Before and After Photos

Do you want to learn more about buttock augmentation? Before  and  after  pictures found on LocateADoc.com are the perfect place to get acquainted with the cosmetic enhancement achieved through this surgery. The goal is to help you envision what the final results will look like if you too decide to undergo the surgery. For your convenience, we also offer the following breakdown of the procedure.

A buttock augmentation surgery is designed to enhance the look of your buttocks by improving its shape and contour. Typically, the procedure starts with a numbing agent and from there can be performed in various ways. If using an implant, the doctor examines the muscular structure to help define the location and size of the implant. If using excess fat transfer, taking fat from your own body, the doctor uses liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body and then injects the excess fat into the buttocks.

While no surgery is without risks, buttocks augmentation surgery is typically safe. Patients do, however, face the possibility of excess bleeding, numbing, and asymmetry. In some instances, follow up surgeries are required.

How should I prepare for a butt augmentation?

  • Avoid all nicotine products and alcohol for one to two weeks prior to surgery.
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Avoid major activities during the recovery period.

LocateADoc.com hopes that this synopsis, as well as our buttock augmentation before and after pictures, patient reviews, doctor profiles, and in-depth articles, gives you a baseline for making a more informed decision about pursuing this surgery.

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