Brow Lift Before and After Photos

Brow lift before and after pictures can show you how this procedure is effective at eliminating deep lines and wrinkles while lifting the eyebrows to reduce the tired appearance droopy lids can give. To understand how it is achieved, has put together an introduction to give prospective patients more information about the procedure.

A eyebrow lift targets deep lines and creases across the forehead and the bridge of the nose. Incisions are made along the hairline. By removing and repositioning the skin, a plastic surgery doctor  can help you achieve a more alert and youthful appearance. A brow lift can also be combined with other similar procedures for the face, eyes, and neck for more drastic results.

Risks include bleeding, bruising, and in some cases, excessive pain. To minimize these and other risks, be sure to work with a skilled plastic surgeon who has experience in maxillofacial surgery.

What should I expect when preparing for brow lift surgery?

  • Abstain from smoking before and after brow lift surgery
  • The best candidates are healthy individuals with realistic goals
  • Discuss preparation for surgery and postoperative recovery with your doctor

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