Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After Pictures by M. Kayser, MD, FACS

This 33 year old patient is seen about 2 years after a SPAIR breast reduction. This amazing technique allows a reduction in scarring and improved shaping of the breast to achieve a more natural round and full contour. She went from a DD to a C cup with the removal of 450 gm of tissue from the right breast and 640gm from the left breast. There is a lollipop scar which is almost imperceptable. Dr. Kayser has provided care to patients from across the country and abroad as a result of his excellence in plastic surgery. For any questions and to find out more about the revolutionary SPAIR breast lift/reduction technique or to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Kayser at Image by Design Plastic Surgery by registering online below through the "Contact the Doctor" button.