Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After Photos

Think you may be a candidate for breast reduction? Before and after pictures provided by gives you insite to what you can expect. In a breast reduction surgery, a cosmetic surgeon or a board certified plastic surgeon, removes breast tissue from one or both breasts in order to achieve better balance and symmetry, to relieve back or neck pain, or in order to reduce unwanted volume.

As one of the most common cosmetic surgeries, breast reduction is generally safe, and patients enjoy minimal complication rates. This surgery usually involves removing breast fat, tissue, and skin to reduce the size of the patient’s breasts. Many women with large breasts complain of backache and an overall lack of proportion that prevents them from comfortably participating in certain athletic activities. A breast reduction surgery may be the best way to alleviate those limitations.

The breast reduction before and after pictures supplied below are provided by our experienced doctors. You can filter the images, so you can see the results enjoyed by women with body sizes and shapes similar to your own. After reviewing the pictures below, filter your results by location to find qualified breast reduction surgeons in your area. We invite you to contact a doctors found on for a consultation.

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