Breast Reconstruction Surgery Before and After Pictures by Jason E. Leedy, M.D.

This patient from the Cleveland area was referred to Dr. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute for breast reconstruction. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the right breast and was interested in breast reconstruction. After reviewing the risks and benefits of the variety of options she elected to go forward with tissue expansion based reconstruction. In her initial surgery she underwent a right breast mastectomy with immediate placment of a tissue expander. After she completed her tissue expansion she had a permanent implant placed followed by nipple reconstruction. She also underwent a left breast lift to allow for better symmetry. She is seen approximately 3 months after completing the reconstruction. Her result is very natural and her reconstruction has provided her a sense of normalcy and has maintained her feminine figure. If you are in need of breast reconstruction call Dr. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery to learn more about what is possible.