Breast Lift Surgery Before and After Pictures by Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS

This 35 year old from San Diego, California was interested in revisionary breast surgery after being left extremely unhappy with her previous breast augmentation. She had several previous breast surgeries performed by previous surgeons and was left unsatisfied with the results from each surgery. She began researching qualified and experienced breast revision surgeons in the San Diego County. Upon examination, Dr. Pousti felt the patient needed breast surgery immediately to prevent the implant from breaking through the breast skin. The patient and Dr. Pousti decided to continue with surgery. Dr. Pousti recommended a 2-stage surgery for the patient to achieve her goals. Dr. Pousti removed the patient's implants and performed a stage 3 breast lift. Once healed, the patient will continue with a breast re-augmentation. She is now 3 months post-op and already extrememly pleased with the results from surgery.