Breast Lift Surgery Before and After Pictures by Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS

This 21-year old patient from Wildomar, California was unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. The patient was very asymmetric and had a mild case of tubular breasts deformity on the left breast. Tuberous Breasts have a very narrow base and usually a long skin envelope. Sometimes people refer to Tuberous Breast shape as the shape similar to Snoopy's nose. The patient researched for an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to help her with her complexed case and found Dr. Pousti on the Internet. In order to achieve her desired look, a lift with an incision around the areola to create symmetry in both breasts with silicone gel implants, 457cc was used in the right breast and 421cc in the left breast. The patient is now 3-months post-op surgery and is still healing, she is very pleased with her more symmetric and full breast look.