Breast Lift Surgery Before and After Photos

In order to restore youthfulness and  perkiness to their breasts, some women undergo a breast lift. Before and after pictures are here on to help you make the first step deciding whether or not this surgery is right for you. Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is for women who feel their breast are lacking in firmness or substance and want a cosmetic surgeon or board certified plastic surgeon to help. Oftentimes, women elect to undergo this surgery following pregnancy, weight loss, or as the signs of aging begin to affect their breasts. Many women also have other plastic surgeries done with a breast lift. These most often include breast augmentations, abdominoplasty, or breast reduction.

Before you schedule an appointment with a surgeon, browse through our filterable galleries to find photos from patients of a similar age and body size. Once you’ve identified the desired breast shape and size, filter your results by location to find a specialist nearby. We invite you to look through this gallery, and if you feel breast lift surgery is right for you, contact one of the doctors for a consultation.

The breast lift before and after pictures displayed below are here to help you decide if the procedure is best for you. We hope you will take advantage of all the resources on Learn more about your desired procedure, read in-depth articles, and patient reviews of our listed doctors. We’re here to put the power in your hands!

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