Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants) Before and After Pictures by Kris Reddy, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.

This 29-year-old professional came to Dr. Kris Reddy, West Palm Beach board certified plastic surgeon, because she was unhappy with the size and fullness of her breasts. She also wanted to create better symmetry as the left breast was slightly smaller than the right breast. After a thorough discussion of the patient's objectives, lifestyle, and lifestage, Dr. Reddy recommended a breast augmentation with saline implants.

Dr. Reddy performed the breast augmentation with 350 cc implants at the West Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center utilizing an MD Anesthesiologist, who Dr. Reddy has worked with for over 10 years. The long term working relationships that Dr. Reddy has with his staff including MD Anesthesiologists allow him to provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients. Dr. Reddy filled the breast implant to 350 cc on the right side and 365 cc on the left as a step to correct the breast asymmetry. Dr. Reddy placed the implaced the breast implants submuscular with areolar incisions.

She was very pleased with her fuller and natural looking appearance. As you can see, there is no visible scarring. For the first time ever, she is wearing clothes that accentuate her beautiful new curves and is enjoying the added benefit of a boost to her self esteem.

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