Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants) Before and After Photos

If you are contemplating saline breast implants, before and after photos found at can showcase the transformation possibilities. Whether you want small, perky breasts or full, larger breasts, our photos can help you review the various options to find the right choice for you. It’s even possible to filter the content to find photos of patients of similar age, height, and weight. Making an informed decision about the procedure and the doctor you want is important for any cosmetic surgery. Saline implant surgery is no different.

Saline implants are inserted into the breast cavity through a small incision. They are inserted empty and doctors fill them once they are in place. In contrast, silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel and then inserted. Both procedures are relatively safe, but as with all surgeries, risks are involved.

For instance, saline implants may cause breast pain, infection, and temporary changes in nipple sensation. They may also leak or rupture. If an implant ruptures, it will deflate. However, your body will absorb the saline without posing any significant health risks. It’s important to note that while these side effects are possible, they are rare. Once you select a qualified breast implant surgeon from, it’s important to discuss safety, logistics of the procedure and more. Any of our doctors should be able to answer any question you have. It’s up to you, however, to find the right doctor to contact.

By browsing the saline implant before and after photos at, you ultimately become more informed about the look you want. And that, in part, is our mission. We want to help you make solid, informed decisions about your cosmetic enhancement surgery.

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