Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants) Before and After Pictures by Bivik Shah, MD

Additional procedures:   

Breast Lift Surgery

This woman came to The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for a silicone breast augmentation along with a breast lift. She had been considering this surgery for quite some time because she was unhappy with the sagging appearance of her breasts and wanted bigger breasts altogether. Dr. Bivik Shah spoke with her and made her aware of the different types of breast lifts he could do and together they decided that she would benefit the most from a full mastopexy (Anchor Incision) in which the scar goes around the nipple, down the middle of the breast and along the under crease of the breast. The implants that she and Dr. Shah decided upon were silicone. She did have some unevenness prior to the surgery where her right breast was slightly larger than the left. To correct this, Dr. Shah put a 600cc implant on the left and a 550cc implant on the right. The after photo was taken 6 months after her surgery. Her scars will continue to heal over the next year and by time another year is up her car will look their absolute best!