Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants) Before and After Photos

Increase the size of your breasts with a Breast Implants. Before and after pictures here on can help you make the right decisions regarding your surgery and who you have perform it. Implants are made of saline or silicone and are used during breast augmentations for cosmetic reasons or to mimic tissue lost to disease or trauma.

This surgery is also suggested by many cosmetic surgeons and board certified plastic surgeons to women who would like to restore their breasts to their original preferred size after having lost breast volume due to pregnancy or weight loss. Many women say they would like to improve their figure's balance with breast implants while others choose breast implants to enhance their self-esteem. Be sure to discuss your options with several breast augmentation doctors before making a decision.

Look below to see your options of breast implants. Before and after pictures help prospective patients get an idea of what results the procedure can provide. We encourage you to look through this gallery by body size and age to get the best idea of what you like. Next, sort by location to find a qualified doctor performing surgery in your area. With patient reviews, pictures, and in-depth articles the power is in your hands with the resources on

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