Body Reshaping Before and After Pictures by Richard W. Dabb, MD

Additional procedures:   

Cosmetic Surgery of the Body, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy tuck surgery patieint had a endoscopically assisted abdominoplasty with Suction Lipectomy.   If there is a tendency for weakness of the abdominal wall muscles, with associated excessive fat of the abdominal wall, but minimal excess skin, ultrasonic assisted lipectomy of the abdomen and flanks with an endoscopically assisted suturing of the muscles may be performed. The advantage of this procedure is that avoids the large lower abdominal incision and also preserves some of the sensation of the abdominal wall. Recuperation from this procedure is less than that of a full abdominoplasty. Depending on expectation, this procedure may be offered the most patients who do not desire the large abdominoplasty scar and are willing to accept some skin laxity beyond that of the standard abdominoplasty.