Birthmark Removal Before and After Photos

If you are contemplating a medical procedure for birthmark removal, before and after photos found at showcase work performed by qualified doctors across the country. From laser treatments to surgical methods, our galleries offer a host of information to help you choose the right procedure and doctor for you. Whether you have a port wine stain or an unsightly mole, doctors featured here can help remove it. Plus, by viewing the before and after photos, you get a better understanding of what your transformation will look like.

Birthmarks are unique to each individual. They vary in size, shape, color and form. And while most birthmarks can be concealed by clothing, there are instances in which they can be highly visible. These visible birthmarks may have caused you to developed low self-esteem. Our doctors can help!

The type of removal procedure you undergo depends on the type of birthmark you have. If you have a mole, surgeons often numb the area and surgically remove it. The process is routine and harmful side effects are rare. If you have a pigmentation birthmark or a macular stain, also called a salmon patch, laser treatment may be the best for you.

Laser treatment is a non-invasive method that doesn’t require an overnight stay and won’t leave a scar, which is why it ranks among the most popular procedures for birthmark removal. By focusing a light beam into the target area, the pigmented cells are heated until they burst and the color fades away.

A qualified doctor can explain the procedure, risks, benefits, and costs in more detail. Our job, however, is to help you find a qualified doctor. At, birthmark removal before and after photos give you a better idea about treatment. Browse our listings and find a doctor close to you.

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