ArteFill® Before and After Photos

Artefill before and after photos can give you a sense of how effective this treatment is for eliminating lines and wrinkles. To learn more about this dermal filler, you are encouraged to read this and other resources found on

Artefill is an injectable designed to last longer than other dermal fillers on the market. Its microspherical design help minimizes absorption in the body so that it can continually provide structural support, filling wrinkles and preventing them from returning. Treatments are brief sessions with an esthetician and provide immediate results. The tone and texture of your skin will improve over time with results lasting for at least 5 years, according to studies.

It is important to consider your unique risk factors for this injectable wrinkle reducer. Although Artefill contains a local anesthetic, some patients experience localized pain or nodules at the site of injection. There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction to the solution. To minimize these and other risks, work with a trained professional. 

How should I prepare for Artefill?

  • Talk to your dermatologist about potential risks
  • Have an allergy test performed
  • Since insurers do not typically cover cosmetic injections, other payment methods should be considered

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