Abdominal Liposuction (Liposculpture) Before and After Pictures by Lawrence N. Gray, MD

This 32 year old woman from Wells, Maine wanted to eliminate the localized fat deposit on her abdomen. Dr. Gray removed 1900 cc of fat from from her front stomach area. (The scar on her lower abdomen visible in the photo is from a C-section.)

She had been seen by another plastic surgeon previously who suggested that she have a tummy tuck. But, she did not want the long recovery. When she came to see Dr. Gray, it was his opinion that she did not need a tummy tuck. Dr. Gray was able to give her very significant retraction of the lower abdominal skin by liposuction alone. She was pleased to get a great deal of tightening with only the amount of surgery that she needed, which in this case, was just liposuction.

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