Abdominal Augmentation (6-Pack Implants) Before and After Photos

Abdominal augmentation before and after pictures can help you have realistic expectations about your plan to achieve a more appealing figure. To help you envision the aesthetic goals of this procedure, LocateADoc.com has put together this short introduction and this gallery of photos.

Abdominal augmentation is similar to tummy tuck surgery. While the latter works to smooth and contour the appearance of the midsection of the body, augmentation aims to provide greater definition of the abdominal muscles. When you cannot achieve the appearance of a ‘six pack’ through diet and exercise, a surgeon can reconstruct the muscles and use implants to achieve this look. In many surgical plans, skin and excess fat can be removed as well.

This is considered invasive surgery and is completed under general anesthesia. To ensure the best results, preparation and postoperative recovery are essential. Working with a qualified abdominal implant doctor could also help reduce your risk of excessive bleeding, infection, excessive scarring, and asymmetrical results.

How should I prepare for abdominal implants?

  • Healthy individual within 30% of their ideal weight are excellent candidates
  • Abstain from smoking before and after surgery
  • Make appropriate recovery plans, limited activity is required for a healthy recovery

Now that you know more about this procedure, browse through abdominal augmentation before and after pictures to start thinking about your goals. Then, search here on LocateADoc.com for a local practice or surgeon to meet with for a consultation.

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