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  • Cells are the Smallest Unit of Life

    Cells are the smallest unit of life, the very building block of life, and together make us and all other multicellular organism what we are. Adult cells are usually specialized for specific function (i.e. cartilage, acid secretion in the stomache, etc). However, some cells remain less specialized and differentiated, called stem cells. Stem cells play a primary role in the healing process, and are capable of dividing into a wide variety of cell types. While stem cells previously were collected using aspiration of bone marrow, but recently they have been found in very high numbers in fat, which is much easier to collect and more abundant. The ease of obtaining adult stem cells from fat currently makes liposuction the preferred method for collection, and avoids the risk and controversy of embryonic stem cell use.

  • Who is at risk for Plantar Fasciitis And How Is It Best Treated?

    Plantar Fasciitis Picture - LocateADoc.comPlantar Fasciitis or Jogger’s heel is a common enthesopathy or disorder of the bony attachments at the heel. It is a common disorder which is characterized by pain, inflammation and weakening of the plantar fascia. It can be caused by age, weight, increased physical activity and repetitive strain injuries. This condition is common among middle-aged individuals, but may also strike younger ones. It may affect either feet or both. Athletes and soldiers are at high-risk because they exert constant pressures on their feet with their activities.

  • Dr. Elton Strauss Reports Increased Demand for Prosthetic Hips and Knees in Younger Patients

    If you’re suffering from hip, knee or joint pain, surgery may be able to resolve some of your problems. Prosthetic hips and knees are becoming an attractive choice for many patients suffering from arthritis and joint problems. One orthopedic surgeon has noticed an increased demand in prosthesis in younger patients over the past year.

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  • Women, who want feet that are more beautiful, are flocking to plastic surgery centers around the country to undergo a toe reshaping procedure. Women with very wide toes are “suffering” from a condition that has been coined, ‘toe-besity’. New York-based podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong recently interviews with “Good Morning America” about this emerging trend, and shares some insights about this elective surgery.

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    Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that involves extensive incisions and skin grafting often require weeks and months of recovery, especially when the surgeon uses sutures to hold the tissues in place.