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  • LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

    It’s a common question that anyone with glasses or contact lenses considers; should I get LASIK? The question often comes down to how safe and costly LASIK surgery is. When compared to wearing contact lenses, there are some surprising cost and safety benefits to choosing LASIK over contact lenses.

  • Doctor Spotlight: Ahad Mahootchi, M.D.

    Tampa Bay area Cataract Surgeon Dr. Ahad Mahootchi feels rewarded every day at his ophthalmology practice in Zephyrhills Florida.

  • LASIK Costs May Be More Affordable than You Think

    If you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have other vision problems that can be corrected with laser eye surgery, you may be wondering if you can cover the costs of LASIK procedures. Laser eye surgery has become increasingly affordable in the last ten years as more surgeons offer advanced treatment and more services.

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  • Photo of myths of lasik LocateADoc

    Have you considered LASIK eye surgery but been put off by rumors of pain, excessive cost, or unreliable results? Perhaps it’s time to examine the decision more closely and sort out what is myth and what is truth regarding this increasingly popular vision correction surgery.

  • Photo of lensx cataract surgery LocateADoc

    Cataract surgery to restore vision has become one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the world. It has also been verified as safe and effective (some studies suggest at least 90% of the operations are successful in helping correct vision with minimal complications).  Thanks to femtosecond laser technology (used to improve surgical incisions in correcting pre-existing astigmatism), this type of surgery has become a more efficient method and is currently performed by medical professionals on a daily basis. For patients who choose the laser approach for correcting their vision, there is a greater assurance of accuracy and they ultimately see better results.