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  • Doctor Spotlight: Ran Y. Rubinstein, M.D.

    Ran Y Rubinstein, MD Picture Dr. Ran Rubinstein’s dual board certification, his extensive experience, his commitment to the highest standards, and his role in university education assure you that you could not be in better, more caring hands when having facial plastic surgery.

  • Doctor Spotlight: Danielle M. LeBlanc, MD

    "Dr. LeBlanc is AMAZING! I am very pleased with the results of my reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy. She is very caring and compassionate; something you don't find very often in doctors today. Thank you Dr. LeBlanc for helping me get back to normal, after breast cancer. You are one in a million!" (Janet, Fort Worth, TX)

  • DOCTOR SPOTLIGHT: Kenneth R. Francis, M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Kenneth Francis, MD New York Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Kenneth Francis, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a great option for your cosmetic surgery needs.

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  • has denied that she’s had plastic surgery to stop her husband Kobe Bryant from straying. Recent are suggesting that Bryant has undergone surgery to improve her appearance and a source has told the press that she “would do anything to keep Kobe happy”.  Rumors spread after recent photos of Bryant at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She has dyed her hair black and her nose appears to be much thinner and narrower. Her eyebrows also appear to be much higher than before, and her skin tone has changed. Pictures of her before and after this alleged makeover have been posted by The Daily Mail.

  • Phillis Diller - Plastic Surgery Pioneer

    Phillis DillerOrlando Sentinel article as a "plastic surgery résumé, which is printed on rainbow-colored paper and, after 22 years of work and 17 procedures done by nine surgeons, is threatening to spill onto a second page. There was 1985, a particularly busy year: She had a brow lift, nose job (the second), under-eye lift, cheek implants, eye-liner tattoo and she had her teeth bonded."