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When you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions, social interactions, or events in your life, consider speaking with a psychologist. Charlotte, NC, individuals can find doctors to work with by browsing profiles on To learn more about this medical field, read our short introduction to psychology.
Psychology is the academic field that looks at ways humans relate to themselves, other people, and the world. Practitioners work with clients to explore concepts such as cognition, emotions, motivation, and social behaviors. Through a series of regular sessions, clients can discover ways of coping with particular issues and work towards creating positive change in their lives. 
While there are no physical risks to meeting with psychologists, clients may find that sessions will bring up painful memories and strong emotions.
How should I prepare for a psychotherapy consultation?
If you’re ready to speak with a psychologist, Charlotte, NC, residents can contact practitioners in their local area. Browse profiles to find your preferred provider.

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