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Are you interested in rhinoplasty? Nashville, TN, is home to many talented plastic surgeons who are waiting to help you! This guide is designed to help you understand your options and discuss how this procedure is performed so you can make an informed decision to undergo surgery.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made across the columella. Through this incision, the surgeon can raise the tissues that cover the nose for access to alter the shape of the structure. This is achieved by manipulating the cartilage and either adding or removing tissue. If the septum is deviated, that will also be corrected. Once the shape has been changed based on your desired results, the tissues are draped over the new structure, and the incision is closed.

Initial recovery requires splints to be worn for the first week. Swelling will subside within the next two weeks. Doctors suggest rest during the initial stages, and to reduce strenuous activity until swelling has gone down. While you will see results within the first month, full recovery can take up to a year. Some patients consider revision surgery but are rarely approved within the first year.

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