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Interested in rhinoplasty? Atlanta, GA, residents can benefit from this guide that explains the procedure in detail and illustrates what makes an ideal candidate for surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that manipulates the shape of the nose. While some surgeries correct medical problems, like deviated septum surgery, many procedures are cosmetically driven. You can add or subtract cartilage to create a size and shape you feel more comfortable with. While results vary, you can discuss your aesthetic goals with a doctor and develop a surgical plan that works to achieve the best possible results.

General anesthesia is required for this procedure, so ideal candidates will be healthy, active individuals able to tolerate the anesthesia. A small incision is made at the columella, the area under your nose that separates the nostrils. The doctor will manipulate the structure of the cartilage before draping the skin and tissues back over, then he or she will suture the incision. Initial recovery with splints will require up to a week of limited activity, and swelling will go down after 2-3 weeks. End results will not fully reveal themselves until at least 12 months after the surgery.

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