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Are you ready to see more clearly? With laser eye surgery, Charlotte, North Carolina, patients with vision problems can join the millions of other individuals who are finished with needing glasses and contact lenses after undergoing this remarkable procedure. To learn more about this surgery, has put together this brief introduction.

LASIK surgery is ideal for those who have been diagnosed with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. As with any medical procedure, laser vision correction does involve certain risks. Major side effects include ocular dryness, problems seeing in low light, and halos around lights seen at night. Many of these issues can be remedied with eyedrops or surgical revisions.
During LASIK eye surgery, the physician uses a mechanical tool to create a small, circular incision in the cornea. The doctor then folds this flap back in order to direct a beam of ultraviolet light into the stromal layer of the cornea. Microscopic bits of tissue are removed based on the nature of the patient's impairment. Essentially, the same functional curve built into the corrective lens you once used is now part of your eye. This helps refocus light into the retina. Once a stroma is appropriately reshaped, the flap is replaced. The eyes will heal quite rapidly. There is no need for any stitches or bandages.
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