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If you are interested in restoring the youthful look of your face, you may decide to pursue a face lift. Beverly Hills doctors listed on can help you look younger by smoothing the contours of your face. It is helpful to learn a little bit about what this procedure entails, so you make an informed decision.

A facelift, or a rhytidectomy, is one of many plastic surgery procedures that aim to improve visible signs of aging. Based on your own personal aesthetic goals, surgeries can be minor or extensive. Plans can include removal of excess skin, muscle reconstruction, and possibly liposuction. They can also be combined with an eye or brow lift procedure. Successful surgeries leave a patients looking younger and with a new, refreshed look.

There are some surgical risks to consider. Risks include excessive bleeding, poor healing, infection, scarring, and possible asymmetry. To reduce your risk, work with a skilled surgeon who carefully plans a customized procedure for you.

What should I expect when preparing for face lift surgery?

We hope that this brief discussion has helped you decide whether or not you should get a face lift. Beverly Hills prospective patients can now browse surgeon profiles to find a physician to work with.

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