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Considering a face lift? Austin, TX, doctors are available to help you and can be found easily right here on Face lifts are designed to remove excess skin and fat from the face and neck. The underlying tissue can be tightened to give a more youthful appearance.The medical name, rhytidectomy, literally means “the removal of wrinkles” in Greek.

The amount of fat and skin that can be removed varies from person to person and the overall health of the patient is largely the determining factor. The removal of too much fat can result in an unnatural appearance and structural alignment of the face. With the majority of tissue and skin being removed from the face and neck, scarring is usually minimal. Scars are behind the ears or below the jaw and are generally considered inconspicuous. A surgeon should take a full medical history before proceeding with this procedure.

If you want a face lift, Austin, TX, residents should do some research first. If you think you are a candidate for a face lift, check of some of our featured surgeons below.  Be sure to view the before and after photo gallery to see what some of our doctors’ work.   

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