Cheek Augmentation (Implants) Doctors

Schedule an appointment with one of our listed cheek implant doctors to improve the aesthetic balance of your face, reverse the signs of aging, or to achieve your desired results. Whether you’re electing to undergo plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons or to achieve facial symmetry that’s been lost due to broken bones or trauma, rest assured that natural-looking results are possible. Qualified doctors in your area are listed right here at

Cheek augmentation involves placing an implant, usually silicone, over the cheekbone in order to deliver a patient’s desired aesthetic results. As we age, certain chemicals in our skin begin to break down, and this results in skin and tissue that no longer adheres to the structures underneath. A cheek implant serves the dual purpose of reversing the effects of this process and altering the appearance of the patient to make him or her look more youthful.

This you may be a candidate for cheek implants? Doctors listed on are ready to help you meet your aethetic goals! Check out our before and after photo gallery to see results. Use LocateADoc today to find a doctor in your area. Still need more information on the procedure? Read some of our in-depth articles!

Cheek Augmentation (Implants) Doctors:

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