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Butt augmentation (butt implants) doctors listed with LocateADoc.com can help you consider your options and create a customized surgical plan to achieve your aesthetic goals. We have a number of profiles of talented plastic surgeons and practices for you to consider.

To create a more curvaceous figure or a more prominent posterior, implant surgery can help you augment the size and shape of your buttocks. Often women are unable to achieve the results they are after through exercise or other natural means. Implants are one of a few options to alter the butt's size and shape. Like other types of prosthetics for augmentation, the shell of the implant is made from silicone. You can choose between a saline or silicone fill. Incisions are made underneath the buttocks, and the implants are carefully placed. Initial recovery requires rest for several days with surgical supports to hold the implants in place while you heal.

With all surgeries, there are several risks to consider. Some of the more common risks include excessive bleeding, possibility of infection, and poor healing, which could lead to scarring. Implants may rupture or shift, creating asymmetry. Either of these scenarios would require revision surgery. The ideal candidates lead healthy, active lifestyles and maintain a reasonable weight for their body type.

If you feel uncomfortable or inadequate in your own body, butt augmentation (butt implants) doctors can help you decide whether this is the surgery for you. To see the results of successful surgeries, we welcome you to browse the LocateADoc.com photo galleries of before and after butt augmentation (butt implants) pictures. You can also make an appointment to meet with a doctor in your area. Browse our doctor profiles to find a preferred physician.

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