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For a breast reduction, Portland, OR, women can discuss their options with an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon listed on If you suffer from chronic back problems or feel uncomfortable with your breast size, a breast reduction may be for you.

What can I expect?

Reduction surgery, like all breast surgeries, helps you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals. You and your doctor will discuss what results you desire so that a successful surgical plan is created based on your unique goals. You will not only discuss size, but also shape, placement of the areolas, and incision options. Surgery will include small volume liposuction and/or removal of breast tissue. You can visit our gallery of before and after pictures to get a sense the results other patients achieved.

Preparing for a Breast Reduction

Every woman is different, so every surgical plan needs to be directed to your specific needs. To start planning your breast reduction, Portland, OR, doctors listed on are ready to work with you. To find a board-certified surgeon who works with breast surgeries, browse our listings now.

Breast Reduction Surgery Doctors in Portland, Oregon:

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