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For women who are interested in breast reduction, Charlotte, NC, has several plastic surgeons that perform these types of procedures. provides potential patients with information to help guide their decision.

This procedure is also known as reduction mammaplasty. It removes glandular tissue, fatty deposits, and excess skin to give the patient a healthier breast size. It helps to create better proportion with the size of your body, provide relief from discomfort, alleviate back pain associated with overly large breasts. This is an invasive procedure performed under general anesthesia so there are some risks and complications to consider. Some women can have complications regarding breast feeding. If you are planning to nurse a baby, talk to your doctor about your level of risk.

Think you may be a candidate for a breast reduction? Charlotte, NC, has qualified surgeons listed here with Browse profiles to find an accredited doctor to schedule your first consultation.

Breast Reduction Surgery Doctors in Charlotte, North Carolina:

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