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If you are seeking a doctor to learn more about breast implants (silicone), Dallas has many specialists to choose from. can conect you with a skilled surgeon to peform this procedure. You can conduct all your research in one places by browsing our before and after photos, reading articles, and searching for a surgeon in your area.

Many women choose a silicone implant because they feel more natural. This procedure has helped many women achieve the aesthetic look they desire.  As with any surgery some risks are involved.

The surgery will last for a few hours, and it can be either an outpatient procedure or require an overnight stay. This procedure is conducted under  general anesthesia. The surgeon will make cuts around your breasts. and insert the implant, and close the incisions with sutures. After surgery, you need to rest for a week and may limited to certain activities for several months.

If you wish to learn more about breast implants (silicone), Dallas doctors can help you make an informed decision. Browse our before-and-after photos, read articles, and find a doctor today. is here to help you can make a choice that is safe and meets your goals.

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