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When you are considering breast implants (silicone), Beverly Hills surgeons listed here on can help you decide whether this implant option is most appropriate for your aesthetic goals. Before working with a doctor directly, we hope this short description helps you gain a greater understanding of the procedure.

Silicone implants are one of the FDA approved prosthetics for breast augmentations. They have helped many women achieve better proportion and balance to their figure. There are a couple of brands that produce their own proprietary range of shapes and sizes. Because their design, they generally require inframammary incisions and are placed under the pectoral muscles for stability.

The procedure is considered an invasive elective surgery and patients are required to undergo general anesthesia. Risks include complications with anesthesia as well as problems with excessive bleeding, infection, and more scarring than other implant options. Implants can also rupture, requiring replacement.

What should I expect when preparing for breast augmentation with silicone implants?

We hope this short description has helped you decide whether or not to pursue an augmentation with breast implants (silicone). Beverly Hills women can now browse's listings to find the right plastic surgeon to work with.

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