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For more information about breast augmentation, San Francisco, CA, surgeons listed with can help you explore your full range of options. Breast augmentation surgery can enhance the size of your breasts or correct any disproportion with breast implants or fat transfer injections. Many women consider this surgery to replace lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss.

The best candidates for this surgery are women over the age of 22 who maintain a healthy weight. Complications include excessive bleeding, pain, blood clots, and issues with general anesthesia. Breast implants may also need to be replaced after 7 to 10 years.

What should I expect when preparing for breast augmentation?

  • Discuss your weight and consider your health risks with a general practitioner
  • Mammograms will help monitor your breast health before and after surgery
  • Women pregnant or nursing should postpone surgery until they’ve stopped breast feeding

Think you may be a candidate for breast augmentation? San Francisco, CA, women who feel confident to move forward can find a local doctor to work with. Browse profiles and schedule a consultation today.

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