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For women who are looking into breast augmentation, New York surgeons can help you finally get the look you’ve been after. While many plastic surgeries look to restore your figure, enhancement surgeries look to correct or augment your figure so that you feel more comfortable and more confident in your own body.

There are so many different ways to approach this aesthetic improvement surgery, and it all starts by understanding your options. You and your surgeon will discuss what size is best for you and what would feel most comfortable to your body. Once size is determined,  you and your doctor will discuss placement of the implant, incision type, and which implant is best for you. Between silicone and saline implants, your doctor will recommend which supplement is best for your body. You can also explore fat transfer surgery. Fat cells are harvested from your own body and redistributed to your chest for the most natural look and feel.

The best candidates for this surgery are healthy, active women between the ages of 22 and 40. When looking for a change through breast augmentation, New York women can find the best doctor to work with here on For more information, schedule an appointment or view our before and after gallery for ideas.

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