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For breast augmentation, Los Angeles, CA, women have many of options available to them. If you are considering surgery, but need more information about preparation and the procedure, is the guide for you.

There are several ways to augment the size of your natural breasts. You and your surgeon  should discuss which type of breast implants is best for you. Silicone breast implants are pre-made prosthetics that require an inframammary incision under the breast.  The implants are usually placed beneath the pectoral muscle. With saline breast implants you can choose between a transaxillary incision under the armpit or a periareolar incision around the areola. For fat transfer surgery, your surgeon will harvest fat in other places in your body and evenly inject the fat into your breasts over the course of several appointments.

Recovery for implant surgery is extensive because this is an invasive procedure. Initial bed rest recovery is required for the first 2 days and limited activity is encouraged for up to 3 weeks. Full recovery takes from six months to a year. Ideal candidates are healthy, active women over the age of 22. Think you may be a candidate for breast augmentation? Los Angeles, CA, women can  review doctor profiles on LocateADoc to find the most appropriate match for your goals.

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