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For women that are interested in finding a local physician that provides elective cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, Cleveland, Ohio, offers a wide range of resources.

Breast augmentation refers to the process of increasing the size or improving the shape of a woman's breasts. This helps many women to have a larger chest size or may improve the overall silhouette after gravity and breastfeeding have taken their toll.  Before the procedure, your doctor may require you have a mammogram, and the two of your will discuss your medical history. You and your doctor will also discuss which breast implant is best for you, saline or silicone.  

Risks and side effects of this popular procedure are relatively rare, but may include poor healing, asymmetry, blood clots, or adverse reaction to medication.Your plastic surgeon will be able to thoroughly review the pre- and postoperative risks as well as outline definite planning that will help you enjoy the most beneficial results. The overall procedure is often a same-day outpatient surgery, and full healing will be appreciated within 3 to 6 months with reduced scarring and swelling.

Think you may be a candidate for a breast augmentation? Cleveland, Ohio, doctors and physicians are standing by to help answer your questions and concerns. can put you in touch with available surgeons in your area today.

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