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If you considering having a breast augmentation, Beverly Hills, CA, is home to qualified plastic surgeons that perform the procedure.

This procedure can enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts, and is undergone electively for cosmetic reasons or medically to correct asymmetry caused by trauma or reconstruction. An augmentation involves either saline or silicone breast implants, or a transfer of fat. Scars are minimal, and the procedure is performed while the patient is under anaesthesia.

Your surgeon should be willing to discuss your motives, understand the exact results you’re looking for, and explain the postoperative phase. Directly following the surgery, there is an initial one- to two-day recovery period where bed rest is required. At three to six weeks, one can enjoy moderate activity, with a full recovery being enjoyed by six months at the latest.

Do you think you’re a good candidate for breast augmentation? Beverly Hills, CA, residents seeking this procedure should be in generally good health and of stable mind. Smokers may not use tobacco for a minimum of two months prior to the surgery.  If you want to learn more, make an appointment for a consultation with a local surgeon listed on

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