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Are you unhappy with the shape, size, or fullness of your breasts? If you find yourself longing for increased confidence and improved proportions, breast augmentation may be a life-changing procedure for you. Many women cite insecurity with the overall appearance of their breasts. Filling out your favorite top or bathing suit may leave you feeling dissatisfied, and ultimately self-conscious. By utilizing your unique curves, a board certified plastic surgeon can work with you to find the perfect solution for your personal goals. With a variety of implant sizes and types, breast augmentation is a customizable, popular procedure.
Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Implants?
From genetics to pregnancy and weight-loss, the causes behind breast insecurity are diverse and multi-faceted. Ultimately, breast enhancement should be a way to increase your own personal self-confidence, leading to a more empowered, healthy body image. Especially for residents in Austin, TX, the young city culture and the young demographic (average age of residents is 31[US Census]), getting breast implants can help you build confidence and enjoy the city culture. In fact, Austin’s average population age corresponds nicely to the average age of breast augmentation candidates at 34 years old (ASPS). However, it is first and foremost recommended that the potential patient have realistic goals for the surgery outcome. Each body is different, and results depend on the individual. Although all patients should be in good health and have fully developed breasts before the procedure, there are many different reasons for pursuing augmentation. Candidacy can depend on the following factors:
Implant Selection
As technology advances, implant selection has become much more diverse and caters to patients with different aesthetics and overall goals. Increased patient choice in turn gives way to more ideal, customized results. Do you prefer a perkier, rounded shape? Or do you prefer a more natural, teardrop contour? Luckily, plastic surgeons often offer the following selections:
Saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt water, providing a uniform shape and firm feel. If the implant shell were to leak, the implant would collapse and the body would absorb the saline and then naturally expel it. This implant type is approved by the FDA in women ages 18 and over.
Unlike the saline breast implant, silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel. Many argue that this gel leads to a more natural-feeling breast that is more similar to the body’s breast tissue. If the implant were to leak, the gel would remain inside the shell or escape into the implant pocket. Unlike the saline water, the silicone gel will not cause the implant to collapse.
In order to assure optimal health and functioning, women are advised to visit regularly with their plastic surgeon to make sure the implants are in proper condition. Your surgeon will often recommend an ultrasound or MRI screening to assess the condition and function of your implants. This type of implant is FDA-approved in women ages 22 and over.
Gummy Bear
Gummy bear breast implants, or “form-stable implants”, have one very different quality than the aforementioned implant types. When broken, these implants continue to maintain their shape.
Unlike traditional silicone gel implants, the consistency inside the gummy bear implant is thicker. This leads to a firmer feel and less likelihood of breakage. With more projection at the bottom and tapering towards the top, these implants are more shaped than round. A longer incision is required for gummy bear implants.
Whichever implant you choose, it is always recommended that you maintain a relationship with your doctor to monitor their functioning. This requires a follow-up after surgery and regular, appropriate checkups.
Incision Selection
As with implant selection, your incision will impact and affect your overall result. Each incision has pros and cons, and each should be taken into careful consideration before surgery. Your plastic surgeon should have a personalized recommendation based on your specific desires and body type, which he or she should address during your initial consultation. The following incisions are common:
Periareolar Incision
Many argue that this is the most discreet, concealed incision. The cut is made immediately below the lower half of the areola of the nipples. The breast implant will be placed over or under the pectoral muscle, depending on preference. With healing, the scar usually blends into the natural pigment of the areola and breast skin. Some loss of nipple sensitivity can be reported, as well as complications with breast-feeding. It is best to weigh your options with the expert advice of your surgeon.
Inframammary Incision
This incision type is made in the fold where the lower part of the breast meets the chest wall. After the cut has been made, the implant will be placed below or above the muscle. Patients often report the ease in hiding the scarring, which is naturally covered up by a bra or bikini. While this presents no risk to nipple sensitivity, it may be an issue for women who opt for additional breast enhancement in the future. Due to the location of the incision, if you were to opt for a change in the implant size, the scar may become visible as it moves up or down.
Transaxillary Incision
This incision is made in the armpit, among the natural folds of the skin. This is an easy-to-hide incision site and an extremely popular route. The cut is approximately 1 inch and, once healed, barely noticeable. Along with the other methods, the implant can be placed below or above the muscle.
The Procedure
Depending on your implant type and incision decision, the steps of your procedure will vary slightly. Your surgeon should walk you through each step of the procedure beforehand, ensuring your ultimate confidence in the surgery. Your procedure will require medication for sedation and overall comfort during the procedure. Your choices range from intravenous sedation to general anesthesia. Next, your surgeon will go forward with your desired incision and insertion (under or over the muscle). Finally, your doctor will close the incisions with layered sutures in the breast tissue and sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape to close the skin.
What Will Recovery Be Like?
Following surgery, you will be taken into recovery to be monitored closely. This will ensure that the healing process begins properly. Your breasts will be wrapped in one or all of the following: gauze dressings, elastic bandages, or a support bra. The goal of this step is to control swelling and give the breasts necessary support during healing.
Patients are often allowed to return home after a few hours, on a case-by-case basis. Your doctor will give you step-by-step instructions for how to care for your breasts. This may involve medications to avoid infection and a scheduled follow-up appointment. It is also likely that you will be instructed to wear a support bra for the first few weeks, as well as clean the incision sites regularly and apply ointment. Soreness can be expected for a few weeks. Your doctor will give you more specific time frames for normal activity and exercise. To ensure optimal results, it’s extremely important to follow each piece of advice thoroughly.
What Should I Look for in a Doctor?
Before you opt for breast enhancement, it’s important to select the most qualified, professional plastic surgeon. Austin, TX boasts a wide selection of Board Certified, experienced surgeons for interested patients. The top features to look for are proven results, certifications, and overall attitude. It’s crucial that you schedule a consultation to make sure you and your doctor can agree on the desired outcome, and that your surgeon has all of the qualifications you desire. An informed patient often leads to a more successful procedure. For this reason, it is recommended that you come to your consultation ahead of time with any and all questions or concerns. Since this surgery is about you, never feel that you need to stick to the first doctor you meet. Explore your options to ensure you secure the breast augmentation you deserve.

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