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Looking for a skilled and caring doctor to administer Botox? Washington, DC has plenty of qualified doctors you can find on And there’s certainly no shortage of doctors to perform Botox, a minimally-invasive injection of botulinum toxin.

If I choose Botox, how long will the injections last?

On average, the effects of Botox last for 40 days, at which point patients may elect to undergo further injections. Botulinum itself is a substance that affects the nervous system. Used correctly, it can correct numerous disorders, including:

There are 43 individual muscles in your face, meaning you want an experienced doctor to pinpoint the right one. Various side effects have been reported, most of which are minor and temporary including allergic reaction and temporary paralysis of the wrong muscle group.

If you suffer from one of the disorders listed above, or feel you could benefit from the cosmetic advantages of Botox, browse your area’s providers and start the process. Treatments vary in price and are sometimes as low as $12 dollars per injection. Find the best possible providers of Botox Washington, DC has to offer on

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