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To restore the youth and beauty of their face, many people turn to Botox. Philadelphia offers a number of doctors and offices to work with, many of which are listed here on Before you speak with someone about your options, here's a brief description of the risks, benefits, and what to expect.

Botox is a popular injectable approved for a variety of medical applications, but it is most often used to effectively treat signs of facial aging. If you have wrinkles or creases, this purified protein relaxes the nerves that create them. Most treatments last up to four months, and the process can be repeated to maintain your look.

While this helps many achieve aesthetic goals without surgery, there are some risks and side effects to consider. Some patients experience bruising, localized pain, or temporary facial weakness. These risks are most often avoided by refraining from touching the face for a few hours after your treatment.

How do I prepare for Botox treatment?

We hope that this brief description has helped you better understand treatment and you are now ready to meet with a practitioner to discuss your options with Botox. Philadelphia professionals listed with are fully certified and licenced to offer this treatment. Browse our listings to find someone to work with.

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