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Browse through listings on of local BOTOX doctors. Though BOTOX injections require no incisions, and are therefore considered non-invasive cosmetic procedures, it’s still important to find a local doctor with experience, accreditation, and a specialization in injectables. With, you can find reputable local doctors, view before and after BOTOX pictures from patients of a similar age and body-type, and read in-depth articles about BOTOX.

BOTOX treatments come in the form of injections and are usually used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. Though BOTOX has also been cleared by the FDA to treat the muscular symptoms of certain neurological disorders, such as Tourette's, most procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons alone. The effects of a treatment last about three to six months.

Though there are many BOTOX doctors out there, many have dubious training and little experience dealing with injectables. The procedure’s popularity (5.5 million procedures performed in 2011 alone) has led to an increasing number of under-qualified individuals performing the injections. Qualified doctors may attain a specialization in BOTOX and other fillers. So, use to find one in your area today!

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