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If you feel self conscious about a birthmark, removal doctors from can help you remove or diminish the look of birthmarks. To provide you with more information, we have put together this short procedure description to help you make a more informed decision before pursuing treatment.

There are three types of birthmarks that can be effectively treated. Vascular Birthmarks are the most common type, often referred to as ‘port-wine stains.’ Macular birthmarks are lighter, often occurring as flat, salmon colored patches. Pigmentation birthmarks include moles as well as brown or cream colored patches. While some can fade over time, others can be removed or diminished using laser therapy.

Birthmark removal is considered a minimally invasive procedure. Many plastic surgeons, as well as dermatologists, are qualified to handle this type of treatment. While it is a safe treatment, some risks include irritation and scarring.

What should I consider when preparing for birthmark removal?

We hope that this short treatment description has helped you decide whether to move forward and speak with birthmark removal doctors. hosts several local profiles of practices that offer this treatment. Find your preferred practice today.

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