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John G. Zografakis M.D., F.A.C.S. Medical Director, Bariatric Care Center .

At Summa, we are dedicated to helping you take the first step towards changing your life forever! If you think you deserve the very best, consider Akron's only comprehensive surgical weight loss management program as you take that first step. Our minimally invasive approach to weight loss surgery means you spend less time in the hospital, have less pain, and can get on with your life more quickly.

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I am 12 years post op gastric bypass and was thinking of getting a revision. How much does the stomaphyx procedure cost?

Why should I not drink carbonated beverages after Roux-en Y Bypass?

i had gastric bypass surgury in 2000,for some reason my top stomach seems very extended and i cant lose any weight there is this something i should get checked?

I had the sleeve about two months ago, now I continually vomit every morning just saliva or foam and my mouth seems to build this foam constanly everyday in my mouth, where as I have to spit constantly, and I just feel nausea daily. Really need some help here. What should I do? Thanks, Darella

i had gastric bypass surgery in June 2003 and Dr. Viglianco performed a successful surgery and I am still keeping the weight off, I went from 267lbs to 132lbs and very happy. January I had an episode of what felt like a gall bladder attack (i do not have one) and my abdomen was severely bloated I was vomiting several times a day, my doctor took xray and said I had an obstructed bowel, well I had a colonoscopy done and I couldnt be cleaned out enough to get results that was 3/27/15 had a CTscan in april and they said it was adhesions, and another CTscan of pelvic area and abdomen and they said it was "Post op changes to stomach due to Gastric Bypass", I am still having severe swelling, in upper abdomen and dull achy pain constantly, I do not know what to do now except contact you and see if someone can help me...I have swelling everyday, sometimes i can have diarehea and other times so constipated that it hurts to even walk...Please can someone help me, as I am so frustrated and I know if I do have an Obstructed Bowel it can be fatal, I do not want to live like this anymore, can someone give me some answers please.....

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I was 27 years old; weighing nearly 350 lbs..Something was very wrong with this picture. Everything in my life was great with the exception of not being on the inside what my outward appearance represented and never being able to get physically healthy. I began realizing that my career, my emotional well-being and ultimately my life would go nowhere if I didn’t find a way to lose weight and be able to maintain the loss long-term. My senior year of high school I weighed 312 lbs. I was always very involved in many school and community activities never realizing the true reality of my weight until I was in college where attempts at dieting never seemed to “stick”. Soon after getting married I joined Weight Watchers for the first of many attempts. At one point during a ten year span of attempts at dieting I somehow lost 70lbs, but weighing 280 lbs was nowhere near where I needed to be. Before long the weight was back on and I started to pursue weight loss surgery quietly as I knew that my wife and family would be skeptical at best to hear of my interest. I knew deep down inside that if I had this “tool” that resulted from the bypass surgery I could have the success I longed for. After learning that Summa Health System was beginning a new program my research and interest grew. By January of 2005 I was ready to bring my wife deeper into the fold and encouraged her to attend an informational meeting with me to learn more. As we left the meeting she made it very clear that there was no other option and we would pursue the surgery full speed ahead. I was surprised at first, but knew that the facts and statistics spoke for themselves. At that moment I think we both realized that in order for our life to be long and fruitful that the surgery was the right answer for us. My initial consultation was in February 2005 and after a few minor hurdles and scheduling the surgery took place on July 5, 2005. The time has flown since the surgery and I can’t begin to explain how amazing the time has been. I feel great and have such a different perspective on life. I have a two year old son that gets to enjoy his dad to the fullest extent and I get to enjoy him without the worry of tiring too quickly or not being able to catch him as he runs as fast as his little feet will take him. Everything just seems right, and knowing that I’m finally in control makes any second guessing or skepticism about the operation seem irrelevant. I always tell people that the surgery isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of resources and information to help the decision become an easy one.
- Marcas
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  • Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss)
  • Weight Loss Specialists

Medical School: St. Louis University School of Medicine

Internship: SummaHealth System/Akron City Hospital

Residency: Summa Health System/Akron City Hospital

Fellowship: Evanston Northwestern Healthcare


·        Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Faculty: Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, 2002-2003


·        Assistant Staff, Department of Surgery, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare



·        Medical Director, Bariatric Care Center, Summa Health System, 2004 - current


·        Clinical Physician, Advanced Laparoscopic, Bariatric and General Surgical Services, Summa Health System, 2004 - current


Summa does not offer a financing program for the program's out-of-pocket expenses.  However, all patients meet with our full-time financial counselor at their intial visit.  During that meeting, the details of the patient's individual insurance plan is reviewed, and all out-of-pocket expenses are discussed. 

For patients whose insurance does not offer a weight loss surgery benefit, information is available regarding our private contract rates for the gastric bypass and the gastric band. 

We have had many patients come to the program initially thinking they would not be able to manage the out-of pocket expenses, who were very pleased to find out that they could.  We encourage you to come in to meet with us, and to take the time to discuss your situation with our financial counselor.  We try to come up with creative suggestions and possibilities which may help you manage the expenses not covered by your insurance. 

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