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I have been with Dr. Niazi now for over 10 years. He has been wonderful in his treatment and his follow-up{believe it or not} he will call you at home and check on you. I have a long history of Kidney Stones, Enlarged Prostate and a very large Tumor on my Right Kidney. He has been a great medical source plus a very supportive Doctor and friend to me. He has done multiple Cycstocopes on me in his office,performed a TURP Surgery{Transuretral Resection of the Prostate} followed my Yearly PSA Blood Exams and followed my Kidney Stones. All of this was done with great care and compassion. When I needed to go to Stanford Medical Center to have my Tumor removed, he made it so all I had to do was show up for the Pre-op and surgery. One time we had a problem and we phoned him from the Bay Bridge In San Francisco. He got right on the phone found out our problem and called back in 10 minutes with instructions of what to do. I would strongly recommend him to any one who needs a Urologist. Good luck to you with your medical needs and God Bless You.
- Ed mckinnon, shasta Lkae
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