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Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery

I am a patient of Dr. White's and on April 26, 2006 I underwent gastric bypass surgery. I was 368 pounds. Wow! Worse than that, I was severely depressed, had high blood pressure, significantly high cholesterol levels, chronic sleep apnea, and diabetes type 2. I was a 37 year old single Mother of 3 children and needless to say, prior to surgery things didn't look so good for me. That day, April 26, my life changed! I have ZERO health problems. I have lost 187 pounds in 16 months! I work out regularly. I love life. I am so extremely thankful to Dr. White and his amazing staff for doing what they did.

Performed By - Dr. Thomas White, MD

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My problem is my weight! After 4 kids and at age 40 I'm 270 lbs. And can't seem to find any diet that work. It's not like I eat a lot, I do understand that here in Arkansas. Beans potatoes. Cornbread are the norm but I also bake all my meat never fried I have salads and veggys with all meals and believe it or not I'm not a junk food eater.. I do admit I drink diet coke more then I shoshould but I've tried everything from every over the counter pill to Atkins. Of coarse my Dr don't prescribe diet pills and as a mother of 4 it's not as if surgery would ever be affordable. I work from 4 am to 2 and I try my dvds. And walks but honestly I don't understand how I'm so large. When I truly don't eat a lot. Also I never have bm. I know it sounds silly but sometimes it's 6 or 7 days without bowel movement and it's not hard when I do go. In fact it's very soft and very small.. Like pinky finger small. Yes I use clearlax. Which in return I feel full so I don't eat much so I don't know if that has any thing to do with why I'm so heavy but I guess my question is what should a person in my case do to lose weight?

i had gastric bypass surgery in June 2003 and Dr. Viglianco performed a successful surgery and I am still keeping the weight off, I went from 267lbs to 132lbs and very happy. January I had an episode of what felt like a gall bladder attack (i do not have one) and my abdomen was severely bloated I was vomiting several times a day, my doctor took xray and said I had an obstructed bowel, well I had a colonoscopy done and I couldnt be cleaned out enough to get results that was 3/27/15 had a CTscan in april and they said it was adhesions, and another CTscan of pelvic area and abdomen and they said it was "Post op changes to stomach due to Gastric Bypass", I am still having severe swelling, in upper abdomen and dull achy pain constantly, I do not know what to do now except contact you and see if someone can help me...I have swelling everyday, sometimes i can have diarehea and other times so constipated that it hurts to even walk...Please can someone help me, as I am so frustrated and I know if I do have an Obstructed Bowel it can be fatal, I do not want to live like this anymore, can someone give me some answers please.....

My wife and I are interested in gastric bypass surgery ..she has select med (select health) she weighs 225 lbs and is 5'6" 63 years..Asmia, border diabetics foot and knee problems.. I am 66 years 300 lbs 5'8" sleepapt. Having hard time breathing even with bypap and during day while sitting. Have Medicare hospital A medical B V.A. Choice Do we qualify?

I have been trying to lose weight for 10 yr and I want to know about the Abdominoplasty,is it for life or you gain the weight back.I'm 350lbs and I would like to get to 195-210.

How much does a gastric bypass surgery cost?

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Dr. White performed a Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass on me 6-months ago and my weight is down 102.8lbs!! Most importantly my quality of life has improved and I am now a role model for my family and friends.
- M. Eisele (Registered Nurse0
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